Fix Oracle Virtual Box Guest Machine causing CPU spikes

If you are experiencing constant CPU spikes when running Oracle VirtualBox machines, try the following:

Disable Nested Paging:

  • Open Oracle Virtual VM Box
  • Right click on machine that is causing CPU spikes
  • Click on the ‘System’ tab, then ‘Acceleration’
  • Uncheck ‘Enable Nested Paging’

Set Execution Cap:

  • In Oracle Virtual VM Box, right click machine again
  • Click ‘System’, then ‘Processor’
  • Set the execution cap to 40%

I found out that there are some issues in Windows 10 regarding CPU spikes. For me, it occurs when any application starts up, the CPU usage will spike to 100% then go right back down once it’s done loading. For the virtual box I was running, it would hit 100% then sit at around 80 – 90%. Setting the execution cap fixes the issue at least for the virtual box.


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