Setting up Vagrant, Brackets and Thimble and choosing a bug to work on

Installing on Linux VM:

My first attempt of installing Vagrant was on a Fedora 25 virtual machine.  I was able to get it running using the fedora/24-cloud-base box and changing a few config settings in the Vagrantfile (following suggestions from this issue), but wasn’t able to get it working within the project.  Even after changing the project’s Vagrantfile config settings to the one that I had working, keeping the project’s original config settings and installing some of the libvirt dependencies, ‘vagrant up’ would still fail. (EDIT: after leaving the VM for a couple hours then running vagrant up again, it suddenly worked.. still not sure how or why. There are several issues opened in GitHub regarding this, but leaving my computer for a few hours and coming back to it seems to have worked for now..)

Installing Vagrant on Windows:

Since I was having issues with the installation on my Linux VM, I decided instead to try the installation on my main OS running Windows 10 with Oracle’s Virtual box already installed.  I figured I could use my MinGW(linux-like terminal) with ConEmu already set up and run vagrant from here. Git bash can also be used which I also have included in ConEmu setup.  The installation process on Windows went smoothly, following the steps provided on the vagrantup website.

Installing Brackets & Thimble:

I continued to follow the setup instructions here, cloning both the Bramble and Thimble projects from GitHub and was able to run Vagrant successfully from the Thimble project directory.

Here is a screenshot of Bramble up and running:


and Thimble:


Thimble bug:

From the list of good first bugs, I decided to work on a bug regarding the ‘last edited field’ in Issue #719.  I will follow up on this post with my progress working on this bug.


One thought on “Setting up Vagrant, Brackets and Thimble and choosing a bug to work on

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